Tips for choosing healthy coffee

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Tips for choosing healthy coffee

Coffee has become one of the favorite drinks for many people, especially young people, even coffee in cafes is considered one of the complementary lifestyles of everyday life, unfortunately the coffee that is sold in the store is not necessarily healthy. they are added sugars or creams that can have a negative impact on our health.

Tips for choosing healthy coffee

Health experts say coffee can help prevent liver disease, cancer, and stroke; however, because it's added with other ingredients, coffee can increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol problems.

Here are some things we need to pay attention to when ordering coffee :

Choose black coffee

Black coffee is generally known to have a bitter taste, the price also tends to be cheaper compared to other coffees, since it lacks additives such as sugar, syrup, or even cream, these additional ingredients reduce the benefits of coffee while increasing the risk of various Types of diseases.

Health experts advise us to choose espresso shot or Americano coffee, either hot or cold.

Don't randomly choose milk

Coffee mixed with milk can be more enjoyable, but we also have to make sure that the milk used is not arbitrary, for example, if coffee is added with sweetened condensed milk, then we achieve a very high sugar intake. This will undoubtedly make us more prone to weight gain or blood sugar spikes after consuming it.

We need to make sure that the milk we use is skimmed or skimmed. If the coffee maker uses soy milk, it is much better for the health of the body.

Replace sugar and syrup with other ingredients

Although it can make coffee taste sweeter and more delicious, sugar and syrup can hurt the health of the body due to their high calorie and sugar content. Make sure the coffee we order doesn't contain these two ingredients. If the sugar is given separately, we have to prepare raw honey, ground cinnamon, or ground almonds as a sugar substitute so that the coffee stays sweet.

Don't choose coffee with whipping cream

The creamy coffee has a more delicious taste, but 50 grams of this cream has 130 calories and 10 grams of fat. Of course, it can harm the health of the body.

Do not exaggerate

Although the coffee has a delicious taste, we should not consume it in excess, for example we are allowed to consume a maximum of 1 or 2 cups per day and its consumption only occasionally.

Choose another drink

There is nothing wrong with trying other drinks, if the only coffee option offered in the store is sweet coffee or mixed with other ingredients, we can have hot chocolate or tea that is no less tasty and also nutrient-rich and has high blood pressure or Heart disease can prevent heart disease. Just make sure that no additional ingredients like sugar are added to these drinks, which is certainly not healthy.